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Focus on IT Operations, not Troubleshooting

One central solution for all your IT infrastructure assets and technologies.
Efficiently manage your stack, no matter how complicated.

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Understanding the Challenges of Modern IT Ops

Complex IT infrastructure stacks cause loss of deep insights

Constantly asked to justify costs and provide accurate reporting

Increasing demand on IT operations, but decreasing IT budget freedom

Unknown outage risks & distributed IT infrastructure dependencies

Get the Full Picture in Real-Time on all your VMs, HVs, and DCs.

Ensure all cloud instances and containers are covered for maximum efficiency.

Manage consumption by infrastructure technology, business units and more!

Make decisions based on real time accurate data. Replex imports all perfomance-critical metrics from your infrastructure and creates a full topology over assets, teams, groups and services. Using a combination of proprietary agents and algorithms, Replex automatically gathers complete real time information on the entire cloud and physical infrastructure. Know your IT efficiency and identify dependency risks - wether you are using bare metal, VMs, hybrid clouds, containers or orchestration engines.

Increase IT infrastructure efficiency through effective insights

Shape your infrastructure to maximize your technologies efficiency

Replex makes it easy to identify your inefficiencies and makes it easy to take action on these inefficiencies. Take control of your underused infrastructure, get key insights into any infrastructure (even legacy) and effectively plan for your future infrastructure growth.

Manage any IT infrastructure project with confidence

Efficient risk monitoring through full transparency across all IaaS vendors and technologies.

Whether you are migrating to the cloud, expanding your infrastructure or are undertaking maintenance - Replex gives you the critical insights into your entire infrastructure in real-time, anywhere, anytime. Track the progress of your projects, automatically get reporting and execute  with confidence.

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