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IT Finance doesn't need to be Guesswork

Accurate, up-to-date costing information on your entire IT infrastructure.
Break down costs any way you like.

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Understanding the challenges of modern IT Finance

Finance and IT don't always speak the same language

Time-consuming data maintance with spreadsheets or proprietary tools

Inaccurate reporting across IT infrastructure technologies, departments and functions

Lack of real time finance and costing metrics

Actionable Insights Tailored to you

Get the real time costing information when you need it, completely tailored to you

IT infrastructure cost metrics at your fingertips. Constantly analyze utilization costs and detect inefficient spend. Gain in-depth transparency into costs relating to your assets and services as well as teams, business functions and departments. From legacy hardware to cloud, Replex has you covered. Free up IT budget through re-allocation and allow your business to focus on innovation and growth goals.

Plan and execute projects with financial confidence

Compare existing cost structures and effectively plan and execute projects

Whether you are trying to determine the effectiveness of your deployed capital or planning strategic projects, Replex is the central source for your cost information. Compare your key KPIs and keep track of IT spend. Never plan budgets with inaccurate guesstimations again.

Maximize your TCO

Retrieve accurate and detailed information whenever you need it.

Cloud spend can be notoriously hard to manage. Minimize your OPEX impact by ensuring full acountability on who is spending what on the cloud. Break down costs in the way that makes sense for your organisation. Audit spend whenever you need to, with full confidence and accountability.

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