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Artificial intelligence for modern dev and ops. Control your entire IT infrastructure stack: Physical server, VMs, Cloud, Container & Orchestrations in one place

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Get All your
Data in One Place

Replex brings together the mission critical information you need about your physical and virtual machines, containers, orchestrators and public/private cloud in one intuitive interface.


Aggregate mission critical information about your IT infrastructure. Search and view the information for any technology, anywhere, all the time.


Replex automatically provides you with optimization strategies to ensure that your environments, across all teams are running as efficient as possible.

Visualize & report

View your data in our beautifully designed and fully customizable UI. Detailed reporting available at your fingertips, always customized for you.

Lightweight integration for max flexibility

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Core Features

Replex works with existing and emerging technologies, and runs on any infrastructure.

Automated inventory

Automatically inventorize and tag any asset in your IT infrastructure.

Optimization reports

Intuitive and easy to use recommendations on how to optimize your IT infrastructure.


Connect a wide variety of data sources directly into Replex and see your data in our beautiful UI or get into the code directly.

reporting dashboard

Customisable dashboards for your needs. Effective insights on cost, efficiencies and more, all in one view.

Cost effective

Full costs insights into every aspect of IT infrastructure. Teams, technology, functions, business units and more!

Fully searchable with elastic

Never spend hours looking for the right data again. All the information you need at your fingertips with our fully searchable inventory.

Example Use Case

Kubernetes &
Amazon Webservices

Container Technologies such as Mesosphere, Docker and Kubernetes help organizations simplify, speed-up, and orchestrate application development and deployment. However, increasing speed and flexibility comes at a cost for organisations and teams: loss of control.

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Smarter Architecture –
Elegant Integration

Custom script & tools

Collecting information just got a whole lot easier. Use our data collection methods or your own scripts to collect information physical servers, cloud instances, virtual machines, containers and much more. Replex offers you the flexibility you need.

3rd party applications

Connect external information resources to enrich Replex with additional data.

Integration is easy

Our well-documented REST API eliminates messy integrations.

Central Data Collection &
Analytics Engine

Correlate mission critical data from a wide variety of sources with infrastructure information.

Use machine learning to optimize distribution of servers across your entire infrastructure.

Export data via API to 3rd party provisioning tools.

Example Use Case

Cost Reports

Full insights into the efficiencies of tech, business units, services and functions. Real time cost analyses and reporting.

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Command Line Interface & API


Replex features a developer friendly open architecture, allowing access to all information within Replex via a well documented API or directly in Replex.

Command Line Interface

DevOps can retrieve information from replex directly into their terminal window using our CLI tool.

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