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Deep container stack insights for enterprise

One central solution for all your container insights

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Container technologies

such as Mesosphere, Docker and Kubernetes help organisations simplify, speed-up, and orchestrate application development and deployment.

However, increasing speed and flexibility comes at a cost for organizations and teams; loss of control and added complexity.
Replex is your organizations enterprise-grade container insights platform. Give your teams the control they need to run container environments efficiently and in line with the organizational governance.

Deep insights into containers and orchestrators

Container workload analyses

Full insights into cost distributions of applications and teams

Optimization of container environments

Container Insights

A complete picture of your container environment

One central solution to regain control and regain full visibility into your container environments

  • Discover workload distributions

  • Analyze container efficiencies

  • Identify where your applications are running in real time

Costing & Governance

Actionable Costing & Governance Insights

Detailed cost and governance breakdowns of your applications, teams and technologies to enable your organization to regain complete financial control.

  • Detailed, near real-time cost analyses

  • Complete governance control

  • Customizable reporting for your organization

Container Optimization

Ensure your container environments are optimized

Find out how efficient the underlying infrastructure is being used; no matter whether private/public cloud or physical infrastructure.

  • Real- time ¬†container resource optimization strategies

  • Complete control over every change

  • Seemless integration with any environment

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