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Full Cost Breakdowns for any IT Infrastructure

Govern your IT infrastructure cost across departments, teams, functions and applications

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One Central Solution

Providing detailed costing analyses for any type of IT environment.

Break your costs down by teams, applications, technologies or functions ensuring you never have to make decisions based on inacurate, missing or bad data. Say goodbye to time-consuming excel sheet workarounds with your real IT infrastructure cost data at your fingertips.

Actionable and continous costing insights into your full IT infrastructure.

Detailed costing data for all your budgetary reporting and planning needs.

Make informed decisions based on near real-time data

Continuous cost optimization impacting the bottom line

Cost controlling for teams, apps, tech

All the cost analyses data for any IT environment, anytime.

Continuously rely on accurate and real time cost data broken down by teams, technologies, locations and much more. Customizable dashboards and reports deliver the information you need to effectively manage and plan budgets

Optimization cost - budgets

Cost optimization to drive your business.

No matter how complex your environment is, Replex continously provides insights into your costs and actively identifies strategies to reduce costs, opening up budget for future growth. Spend time focusing on the bottom line, not on collecting data.

  • Continously drive cost optimization

  • Identify cost hot spots effectively

  • Spend more time improving the bottom line


Know your total cost of ownership

Whether you are planning migration projects or are considering new IT related investments, it is vital to understand the total cost of the intended project. Replex not only makes it easy to calculate TCOs but also actively supports you in the project planning and migration to ensure your project is a complete success.

  • Never fly blind on IT projects

  • Maintain control even after implementation of the project

  • Continuously optimize your costs to accelerate your digital business success

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